About DTI

Davis Training Institute offers quality and very affordable professional training for those individuals who wish to pursue a career in the ever-expanding vocation of nurse’s aide. Students learn and practice the latest health care techniques and get excellent preparation for their future career. Instructors are expert and experienced registered nurses who are eager to pass their knowledge on to a new group of caregivers.

Tracy Davis, RN, is the owner and instructor of Davis Training Institute and has over 26 years of nursing experience from emergency department, imaging department, home care, as well as consulting. She has a passion for teaching and the ability to make learning fun and stress free. She is committed to ensure success in each and every one of her students.

“I am blessed to have the opportunity to give back to a profession that has given me so much. The ability to inspire, encourage and to train future health care workers is the biggest reward I could ever receive. The demand is high for nursing assistants, and when you mix passion with a need, the results are amazing.”

Tracy is interested in individuals who genuinely care for others. If they possess that quality, the possibilities are endless for their future in the health care field.

Tracy Davis | Davis Training Institute