Davis Training Institute Reviews

I received my first job offer as a CNA at St. Francois fulltime 3rd shift in the rehab center, all thanks to my amazing instructor Tracy Davis!

Logan Dankert

Total game changer for me. Tracy is an amazing person and teacher. I wish I could give this 100 stars!!!

Lindsey Kulhanek

I would just like to say this was the most fun, encouraging, and only class I feel that I actually learned something useful and understood it. Tracy Davis is a great instructor with lots of love and willingness to teach students to be great CNAs. The class went by way too fast but I had a great experience. I will forever cherish these past two weeks where I met great people and have made great friendships. By far the best class ever.

Harley Sergent

I loved my experience here at this school. Tracy Davis was a wonderful instructor. The class was fun and engaging. Everything I learned from here I now plan to use at my new job at St. Francis. Thank you for your help, support, and experience that you gave me to help me be successful in my career as a certified nursing assistant!!! If I could give this 100 stars I would.

Samantha Nicole

This was such a fun class! Tracy made the skills really easy to understand, and it was such a fun environment. The small class size was nice because each student was able to practice and fully understand each skill.

Rachel Scott

“The experience was great! Very in depth, hands on training in the laboratory as well as clinical experience at the nursing home. Overall, the training left me very prepared for the state certification test as well as my career!”

Dalton Reimus

“Dear Potential Applicants: Tracy Davis, RN, head of the Davis Training Institute, is an outstanding nurse whom I had the pleasure working with nearly the past nine years. As a radiologist specializing in breast / cancer care, the need for total nursing support is paramount. Tracy exemplifies good nursing care with her devotion to her craft, her understanding of patients’ needs, and her continuing pursuit of learning in order to be better. More importantly, Tracy devotes herself to what’s truly matter: her patients. Each and every patient during those procedure/encounter with her believe they are the only person that matters in that room, at that time. As a physician performing procedures with potential life-altering results at stake, having someone like Tracy on my team makes all the difference. Best wishes to all of you as you contemplate your future career choice in the medical field. One of the key to success is knowing who you want on your side as your team member.”


“At 34 years old, I was hesitant about doing more schooling, as my anxiety usually gets the best of me, but after completing Mrs. Davis’ CNA program I cannot say enough good things about the experience. A very small class allows for a more personal and hands on approach for learning. The simulated lab made the learning experience that much more pleasurable. Mrs. Davis is seriously amazing. One of the nicest people I’ve ever met and I will never forget her! She has 25 years of experience as an RN in many different areas of the medical field. She is truly passionate about what she is teaching, wants her students to be successful and will help you to get there in any way she can. If you have a question, she will make sure she gives you the correct answer. She encourages your success every step of the way.

Overall, a definite 5 star experience!! Highly recommend Davis Training Institute for anyone looking to get into the medical field or if you’re as passionate about helping people as much as Tracy Davis is.”

Elizabeth List

“I thought taking this class would be good to get my foot in the door while going to college. This was an amazing class, a small group is perfect for asking questions and making sure you understand each skill before moving on to the next. Tracy won’t rest until you feel confident in what you are doing. She is one of the best instructors I’ve had and makes it a very fun learning experience. We had a great clinical experience at Hoyt nursing home. The girls were on board with training us which is key. Overall a great class and great classmates. I will recommend to anyone in the future!”

Arica Gehringer

“Passed my nursing assistant test!! I was nervous all day but when it came down to it I knew exactly what I needed to do haha so glad I had the opportunity to take the class at Davis Training Institute.

I just signed up for this class to get some experience for medical school applications. When I got here, I found myself enjoying the class, learning, and getting in depth training for a real-life job. In class, we went through lectures, videos, and then worked through the skills. Tracy made the experience incredibly enjoyable and gave lots of help finding jobs. Highly recommend!!!!!”

Liz Ross

“I have learned so much and bonded with the other girls in class like I would have never imagined. We feel like we’ve known each other for years, and it wouldn’t be possible without the best instructor Tracy Davis! I’m so glad I got the opportunity to take this class at Davis Training Institute to take another step in life definitely for the better “

Melissa Gimmer